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Overview – Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD

We all know about Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK and its series of games and movies. This is the world’s most famous and most played game ever in history. This game is based on throwing different Angry Birds at evil genius pigs and their masters to destroy their cities and their forward steps. People also searching for Merge Master MOD APK.

Overview-Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK

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This Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK old Version game is total fun and destruction that makes the player feel good if it costs pigs as trouble. This MOD game was first developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation and gained fame as soon it was released.

Millions of people downloaded this game and played it on every platform, and this game is available on both platforms; you can play it in offline mode and online mode.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK-Unlimited Money

In this edition of Angry Birds Star war MOD APK, we are taking you to the outer galaxy and visiting you in the world of star wars, where different future galactic agencies are against each other and trying to destroy each other.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK Additional Information

APP NameAngry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Puzzle
Size 62MBs
Latest Version 3.2.0
Requires Android5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money& No Ads
Updated2 Hours Ago
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Angry Birds 2 MOD APK Storyline

Angry Birds Stars Wars MOD APK 2022 is an amazing game with an amazing background story. This MOD game is a complete package for the players to become star war warriors and to visit the whole galaxy with the Angry Birds.

In this Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK edition, Angry Birds used to wear costumes of star war characters to represent their acts and their side.

Storyline-Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK

Here Pigs are with the evil powers of the galaxy, and they started a movement against Angry Birds to destroy galactic peace. Angry Birds start an operation against their regime by destroying the Galactic Peace and snatching the most precious land from the normal people, and they start destroying their constructed buildings and their army camps by throwing themselves by strings.

Gameplay – Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK

Angry Bird always remains an everlasting joy and entertaining game with its features that make it unique and it’s simple, easy gameplay that makes it an every-time play game. Here we will discuss its gameplay and how the player can play this MOD version of this game and make their free time a beautiful memory that lasts forever.

This Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK game starts when you click the icon, and the game starts loading. Suddenly front page is opened, and you see many tabs of already unlocked missions. You start the game by choosing the mission you wish to play.

You just need to put an angry bird which is suitable in the thrower and through it on the pig’s structure. The more destruction you create, the more star and scores you gain.

Key Features of Angry Birds Star Wars 2

High-Definition Graphics

In this game making, the developer uses ultra high definition graphic quality to create all the characters and the structure, and the whole structure is made very elegantly and with proper care.

High-Definition Graphics:

Universal Fame-Taking Characters

All those characters used in Angry Birds are most famous after the release of the first version of this game; adults and children love these characters very much.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK-Universal Fame-Taking Characters:

Animated Stories

In Angry Birds Star War 2, all the missions have a story behind which is created in a very efficient manner to highlight the real story behind the mission campaign.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK-Animated Stories:

Free MOD Features in Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Unlimited Free Characters

In this game, an amazing MOD feature is that it gives you free unlimited characters, which are locked and paid in a simple version.

Unlimited Free Characters-Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK

Unlimited Stars In Mission

Now you do not need to get worried about stars, and this MOD APK gives you unlimited stars to present yourself as a pro player in front of your friends.

Unlimited Stars In Mission-Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK

No Ads

This MOD edition will help you in smooth gameplay by blocking the coming ads while you are playing the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK-NO Ads

Free Mission Unlock

This MOD game gives you another relation which is that in this game, all the missions are already unlocked, and you can play any one of them and enjoy them.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK-free mission unlock

Free Campaigns Membership

In a simple version, you need to pay and put effort into taking the campaign’s membership, but in the MOD version, it gives you free campaign membership.

Free High Ranking

This Angry Birds Star Wars ii MOD edition also gives you a free high ranking in the gameplay; by this ranking, you become a high-ranked pro player in this MOD game.

Unlimited Shopping

In this Hacked Version of Angry Birds Star Wars 2, you will enjoy Free Unlimited Shopping. This fantastic feature allows you to Purchase Unlimited Everything.

Additional Features of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 codes Unlimited Money

  1. DAILY TROUBLES. Have a moment? Finish a daily task to receive some fast prizes.
  2. LEVEL UP your characters with feathers to increase their ability to score points. Create the best flock possible!
  3. Join a clan with friends and other gamers from across the world to defeat the pigs.
  4. STRIKE OUT in the ARENA. Join other participants in a casual bird-throwing competition to see who is the greatest.
  5. ASSESS SILLY HATS. As you build up your flock’s fashion game and participate in special events, get caps with various amusing themes.
  6. Impress The Mighty Eagle in unique challenges in Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp to win money for his own store.
  7. SEVERAL LEVELS. Play through a large number of levels, with new ones being added through updates and temporary events.
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How To Install Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK For Pc And Android?

Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK 2022 for your PC and Android by Following the steps: Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Free Download for PC Windows 10 as well.

  • Visit this website and type in “Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK,” your favorite MOD game.”
  • To begin downloading, go to the “Download Now” option and click it.
  • After completing this step, click the “Angry Birds Star War 2MOD APK” file in the downloaded files section to begin the installation.
  • You will receive the MOD APK icon on your home page when the installation process is complete in 2 minutes.
  • Click on it and enjoy the gameplay.


FAQs – Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK

Is this game designed for only kids?

As you know, this MOD game is designed for entertainment; it can be any age, kids or adults; this game is for all ages and all genders.

Is there any online server connectivity in MOD APK?

Yes, the MOD version also gives you free unlimited online server connectivity to connect yourself with the online world to start the campaign for unlimited enjoyment.

How does this app work on your device?

This section shows you whether this app works on your devices. You’ll only see devices that are linked to your Google Account and that have been active in the last 30 days.


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 MOD APK is a modern-day modified game. It is the latest updated version of this game in which all features are added such as Unlimited Money, Unlimited Cheat Codes of Angry Birds 2, and Unlimited Shopping Hack of Angry Birds 2, which gives you everlasting enjoyment.

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