Baseball Star MOD APK v1.7.4 | Free CP, B.P. And A.P | Unlimited Money

Baseball Star MOD APK Additional Information

APP NameBaseball Star MOD APK
PublisherPlayus Soft
Genre Sports
Size 93MBs
Latest Version 1.7.3
Requires Android4.2 and up
MOD Features Free CP, B.P. And A.P & Unlimited Money
Updated8 Hours Ago
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Overview-Baseball Star MOD APK

Baseball Star is a popular sports game developed by Playus Soft Company and is perfect for baseball lovers. The game is easy to play with simple controls and can be played offline, making it convenient for gamers who prefer to play on the go. A great guide to help players learn the rules of baseball and an ideal choice for beginners.

The original game contains in-app purchases, requiring players to purchase most features. However, you can now enjoy these features for free by downloading the Baseball Star MOD APK file from the website. Click the provided link to download the file and access all paid features for free.

In addition to baseball star, players can also enjoy the boxing star mod apk for free. Also developed by Playus Soft Company, this game is perfect for boxing enthusiasts.

The game has features similar to Baseball Star, including in-app purchases, but players can access these features for free by downloading their MOD APK file.

Overview-Baseball Star MOD APK

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Gameplay And Interface

Baseball Stars MOD APK has a simple and straightforward gameplay and interface. The controls are uncomplicated, making it easy for players to navigate the game.

To start playing, you must first select your team, rename it and create a slogan. You can then choose League or Challenge mode. League Mode lets you play against other teams in your league, and Challenge Mode completes challenges and earns rewards.

Once you’ve chosen your game mode, you can step onto the floor and start playing. The racket and run buttons are located on the left and right sides of the screen and can be customized to your liking. This will allow players to play the game more comfortably.

Winning the game gives you multiple rewards and bonuses, such as coins, gold, and other items that you can use to improve your team’s performance.

Baseball Star MOD APK also includes many additional settings for a more fun and customizable gaming experience.

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Gameplay And Interface


Baseball Stars MOD APK features impressive and visually appealing cartoon-like player 3D graphics. The graphics are designed with a realistic and natural approach that makes players feel like they are on the field.

Despite the high-quality graphics, the developers did not compromise the game’s efficiency and smoothness.  The game runs smoothly with no lag, and players feel comfortable playing.

Moreover, Baseball Stars MOD APK is not the only game that offers stunning graphics. Players can enjoy similar graphics in Huggy Crazy Lab MOD APK, another game developed by Playus Soft Company. The game features cute and colorful graphics that are visually appealing and engaging.

Sound effects

The sound effects in Baseball Stars MOD APK are acceptable and add to the game’s overall experience. Cheers and sound effects throughout the game create a sense of excitement and energy, perfect for gamers who enjoy gaming with immersive sound effects.

Autoplay Points

One of the great features of Baseball Stars MOD APK is unlimited free autoplay points. These points allow the player to switch the game to autopilot.

In this case, the team will automatically play against the opponent, displaying the result in seconds.

Comp the points granted by the app allow the player to play unlimited rounds and climb the ranks without manually playing each game.

This is especially useful for players who want to progress through the game quickly or who cannot spend a lot of time playing.

Free Training

Baseball Stars MOD APK gives you the opportunity to train your team for upcoming competitions. This training feature will help you improve your team’s skills and increase your chances of winning.

While the original game requires players to use paid resources to access training options, our mod version offers players unlimited free training. This means you can train your team with no restrictions or additional costs.

With unlimited free training features, you can improve your team’s performance and make them better players, giving you an edge in the game. This feature is especially useful for players who want to progress faster in the game or climb the rankings.

unlimited free training

Free Unlimited B.P., CP, and AP

Baseball Stars MOD APK contains unlimited free BP, CP, and AP resources. These resources are essential for playing the game and improving your team’s skills. Players can upgrade their team and unlock new features without limits using these free points.

BP or Baseball Points are used to purchase items from the in-game shop, such as B. New Equipment, Upgrades, and Players. CP or Challenge Points are earned by participating in Challenge Mode and can be used to purchase rare items and players.

AP or autoplay point is used to enable the autoplay feature. This allows players to sit back and watch their team automatically battle their opponents.

Unlimited free BP, CP, and AP resources of Baseball Star MOD APK allow the player to quickly progress through the game and enjoy the game features without worrying about limits and restrictions.

Unlimited Money

One of the best features of Baseball Stars MOD APK is unlimited money. The original game requires players to spend real money to purchase in-game items such as jerseys, slogans, team names, and other features.

However, the mod version of the game offers players unlimited money. and allows them to make unlimited purchases to unlock new missions and levels.

With unlimited money, players can customize their teams and enhance their gaming experience. You can buy new players, upgrade your gear, and unlock new levels and missions without worrying about running out of money.

The Unlimited Money feature in Baseball Stars MOD APK makes the game more fun and accessible for players who want to go fast and unlock new features without spending real money.

Free Unlimited B.P., CP, and AP


League mode allows the player to join different leagues and compete against other teams. Players can progress through leagues and earn rewards for winning games. This model is a great way to improve your team’s skills and rank up in the game.

Challenge mode, on the other hand, presents the player with a series of challenges to overcome.

Completing challenges, the player earns his CP which can be used to purchase rare items and players. This mode is perfect for players who want to test their skills and earn rewards.

Both modes offer a unique gaming experience and give players different ways to progress through the game. With unlimited free resources and unlimited money, players can enjoy both modes without limits or restrictions.

Baseball Star MOD APK-Unlimited Money

Exciting Events

Baseball Stars MOD APK offers some exciting events that players can participate in to win rewards and prizes. These events are seasonal, weekly, and monthly, offering players unique challenges and tasks.

Seasonal events are usually held during holidays or on special occasions such as Christmas or Halloween. These events offer players unique challenges and rewards that are only available during the event.

Completing these challenges will reward you with rare items and players, giving you a great opportunity to level up your team. Weekly Events take place every week and reward players for completing specific tasks and challenges. These events are a great way to earn free resources like his BP, CP, and AP that can be used to level up your team.

Monthly events occur once a month and allow players to compete with other players and earn rewards based on their performance. These events are more challenging than weekly events but offer better rewards.

By participating in these events, you can earn rewards and improve your team’s skills. With unlimited free resources and unlimited money, players can participate in these events without worrying about running out of resources or money.

Download And Install

Get the game installed on your device by doing the actions listed below.

Apply the following link to get the Baseball Star MOD APK file.
Once the file is downloaded, installing it is quite simple.
Just click ‘install’ shown after you click the file.
The file will be installed successfully.
Launch the app and play.

Baseball Star MOD APK-Unlocked All

Safety And Privacy

The game provides complete safety. End-to-end encryption protects your data. The app doesn’t get access to your personal data like contacts, photos, email, etc. Privacy is not compromised.

Players Reviews

Jake ‘I loved the game! Finally, a game with offline features and a wonderful interface. I was facing some problems with the previous update. But thanks to the developers for launching the new update.’

Emma ‘I recommend you try the game once. Thank me later!

Safety And Privacy


Why is the game so slow sometimes?

Please check your internet connection. Delays and glitches are only because of low-quality signals. Otherwise, no technical problem is there in the app. We scan the app on a monthly basis to find out technical faults.

Can the game be played online too?

Basically, the game is offline, and no need to be online. But if you want to be ranked, you can avail of the list using your wifi or mobile data.

Why Should You Download The Baseball Star MOD APK?

You’ll have to pay money if you download the game from the play store to obtain various goods and unlock objectives. But the mod version is completely free, and all the paid features will be available to you. Below is a discussion of a few Baseball Star MOD APK features.


Baseball Star MOD APK is an excellent game that is easy to play and offers plenty of challenges and rewards for players. So, download the game and start playing today! Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments section.

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