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Game NameBattlelands Royale MOD APK
Publisherfighting games
Genre Action
Size 30M
Version 2.9.7
Requires Android4.1 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money & Health
Updated2 Days Ago
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Introduction – Battlelands Royale MOD APK 2022

Battleland Royale Mod apk is very popular among millions of players around the world. This game is available free of cost. So there are no difficulties in downloading the game. You can easily download the Battleland Royale Mod apk from our website without any payment.

Battlelands Royale MOD APK-Introductory Image

Download battlelands Royale MOD APK

It is beneficial for those who don’t want to spend much time on 100 players’ battles. As it consists of 32 players moving within the zone. There are different characters in this game.

Gameplay-Battlelands Royale MOD 2022

The gameplay of Battleland Royale Mod apk is not much tough. There are 32 players who land on Battleground. You can land with your team or alone. There are different weapons around you. You have to make an effort to find these weapons. You can use one weapon at a time to fight with your enemies.

You have to survive till the end by killing your opponent. If you will able to survive till the end then you will be the winner of the game. You will be awarded with different rewards such as gems money etc.
Killing the enemy Is an advantage for you such as you can loot his health, shields, ammo, and mainly the weapons.


The most interesting feature of the game is the different skins of different products. Such as you can decorate your guns with different skins. There are many unique skins available in the game. You can purchase them with gold coins you got from the game. The user will enjoy this feature of the game.


Battleland Royale Mod apk has amazing graphics. Developers have used 3D graphics in this game. These worthless graphics attracts us to this wonderful fighting game. Graphics are the major features in any game that makes the game more interesting. Users love to play any game having such outstanding graphics.

Different characters

A fighting game is always interesting with different powerful characters. There are many characters in this game such as Lancelot, Excalibar, Sir Launcelot, etc. The main part is that you can play with any of these characters without any payment. You can unlock these characters using your internet. You can collect different characters.

Battlelands Royale MOD APK-Different characters

Different Weapons

During the battle, there are different weapons available for you. You will select one weapon at a time to fight with enemies. Different kinds of weapons include guns, pistols, arrows, and grenades. The perfect aim is required. The most Powerful weapons are Scar, Bazooka, etc.

Make a Strategy

Make a strategy to land in a place where you are not killed easily. You can get some time to plan how to knock out other players from the match. Your reward will be based on the strategy you choose, whether you want to play a team-up or as a single player against all.

Battlelands Royale MOD APK-Make a Strategy

Use Your Favorite Character Names

You can name your character according to your favorite heroes like Robin Hood, King Luther, and others based on their abilities. A character without a name is not so flattering in-game like you cannot name your player, X. You beat the enemies by playing as one of the heroes.

Designed To Play A Team-Up:

The game is a fast mode of PUBG kind of game. It is designed to work better and more interesting when you get in to team up. You select your team for a match and loot all the money. People also love West Gunfighter MOD APK.

Exclusive Battle Pass Items

Get large rewards in the shape of weapons and money by participating in the matches. Flaunt these rewards in the battle arena to get the upper hand on your opponents.

Easy Controls

The game has simple controls and is designed for touch screens more specifically. You can turn the direction of your character with just one finger and also just click on the screen to move in a particular direction

Different Modes of Game:

  • Single-mode. In single mode, you will land in the battleground lonely. You have to survive till the end alone by killing your opponent. 
  • Duo. In this mode, you have a companion with you. Both of you have to survive together till the end by killing your enemies. 
  • Squad. In this mode, you will land on the Battle ground with your team. This team consists of four players. You all have to help each other while fighting with others to win the battle. Squad mode is the most entertaining mode of this game. 

Designed To Play A Team-Up

Features of Battleland Royale MOD APK

Battleland Royale Mod apk has amazing features:

  • Battleland Royale Unlimited money and gems. By downloading the Battleland Royale Mod apk from our website you will get unlimited money and gems. These gems are you to unlock different characters and different skins of weapons. You can unlock different products. 
  • Battleland Royale Mod apk offers you to play with your favorite character as all characters are unlocked. You don’t have to spend money. You can select any character without any payment. 
  • As every game become irritating due to ads. There is a benefit in this mod apk having no ads. So that you can enjoy the game without any disturbance.  
  • All the premium features of the game such as different characters, unlimited gems, and money are available in the Battleland Royale Mod apk.

Safe Game

Battleland Royale Mod apk is completely safe. The game is scanned with antivirus and found no virus in this game. The game is scanned with satisfied antivirus software.

Privacy Policy

Battleland Royale Mod apk provides you with complete security of your personal data. It is assured that your personal information will not be shared with any third party. In fact, no third party has access to your personal information. Only our employees have access to your information.

How To Download and Install Battlelands Royale APK?

Download battle lands Royale MOD APK

Downloading process of the Battleland Royale Mod apk is not much effortful:

    • Click on the download button given below on our website.
    • Allow you to phone the installation from unknown resources in the phone’s security.
    • Open apk files from your browser.
    • Tap on Battlroyale Royale Mod apk and tap on install. 
    • The installation process starts. Just wait for the installation process. 
    • After installation, the Battleland Royale icon appears on your home screen.
    • Tap on the icon to launch the game.

FAQs – Battlelands Royale APK

Can you play the game offline?

No, As you know Battleland Royale Mod apk is an online fighting game. Where you can play with different players from different parts of the world. So Battleland Royale Mod apk cannot be played offline.

How to unlock several characters?

With the looted virtual money in the game, you can purchase characters and things. Also, there is a store in-game that gets you other items.

Can we remove all the ads from Battleland Royale Mod without any payment?

Yes, You can easily play Battleland Royale Mod apk without any advertisement. You only have to download the Battleland Royale Mod apk from our website and you can enjoy the game without ads. 

Which Gun is best in Battleland Royale Mod apk?

All the guns in Battleland Royale Mod apk are good for the fight. But the most powerful and best Guns are:

  1. Scar
  2. Bazooka
  3. Assault Rifles

Which is the weakest gun in Battleland Royale Mod apk?

A peacemaker is a gun that the user founds the weakest gun for the fight. Users didn’t like much to pick that gun unless they have no other option or no other gun is available.


As scrolling is an irritating process. So on our website, there is a solution for you. Just tap on the download button given below on our website and your game started downloading. Now enjoy your gaming.

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