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Boxing Star MOD APK Additional Information

APP NameBoxing Star MOD APK
PublisherFourThirtyThree Inc.
Genre Sports
Size 227MBs
Latest Version 4.0.0
Requires Android4.4 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Massive Attack
Updated July 16, 2022
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Overview of Boxing Star MOD APK

Boxing Star MOD APK + OBB is an exciting action game where the key to success lies in your ability to throw powerful punches. A game that tests strength, speed, and mind control.

As a beginner, start from scratch, fight, box, and become a legendary boxer. The game lets you customize your boxer with various boxing equipment, such as gloves, pants, and shoes, to improve your character’s strengths and skills.

There are different modes available, so you can switch modes and join different clubs. Plus, you can play against players from different parts of the internet world, making the game even more exciting.

To enjoy all features of the game, download the Boxing Star MOD APK + Obb version, which offers more exciting game options. With this version, you can enjoy unlimited resources and features not available in the standard version.

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Boxing Star MOD APK-Overview

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Key Features-Boxing Star MOD APK

Test Your Expertise

Jab or hit in the stomach or ribs to down the opponent or hook to hold and paralyze the competitor’s movements. Punch in the form of an uppercut to win the game in a single hit.

Test Your Expertise-Boxing Star MOD APK

Train and Customise

Boxing Star game allows you to train your character and improve their skills to become a better boxer. You can participate in various challenges and battles to train your character and earn experience points and coins to improve your character’s skills and attributes.

Aside from training, you can also equip your character with various boxing gear that will improve your performance in the ring. You can customize your character with your favorite boxing gloves, shorts, shoes, and other accessories to give them a unique look and style.

You can customize your character’s attributes to suit your playstyle. For example, if you prefer a more aggressive playstyle, you can focus on improving your character’s power and speed.

If you prefer a more defensive playstyle, you can focus on improving your character’s defensive and counterattack skills.

Train and Customise-Boxing Star MOD APK

League Mode

Boxing Star offers a challenging and competitive gaming experience with its league mode. In this mode, you can battle players from different countries and regions around the world.

Once in league mode, you can click the Battle button to randomly compare yourself to other players based on your progress and in-game progress.

Winning matches in League Mode is not only rewarding, but it also helps you progress faster. At the end of each competition, you can earn various rewards such as coins, experience points, and other bonuses to help you train and improve your character.

Plus, League Mode lets you compete against the best boxers in the world and test your skills with different play styles and tactics.

By participating in League Mode, you’ll gain valuable experience that will help you improve your gameplay, learn new techniques, and become a better boxer.

League Mode-Boxing Star MOD APK

Joining The Fight Clubs

Boxing Star lets you interact with other players, challenge yourself, and earn rewards by joining Fight Club. A Fight Club is a group of players competing to see who is the strongest.

Joining a Fight Club allows you to invite other players to fight you or accept their challenges. Participating in battles within the Battle Club not only improves your skills but also earns you rewards such as coins and experience points.

You can create your own Fight Club and invite other players to become its leader. By creating a Fight Club, you can set the rules and create a community of like-minded players. You can also work with your club members to climb the leaderboards and become the best fight club in the game.

By joining Fight Club, you can learn new techniques, hone your skills, and build relationships with other players from around the world. Hard work and dedication can make you a legendary boxer and leave your mark in the game.

Joining The Fight Clubs-Boxing Star MOD APK

Events and New Missions

Boxing Star offers a wide range of events and missions that players can participate in for valuable rewards. These events are available in various formats. B. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, accessible from his UI corner of the screen and quests.

Participating in these events and completing missions earns you rewards such as coins, experience points, and special items that help improve your character’s skills and performance in the ring.

These events and missions are often themed, offering unique challenges and gameplay mechanics that provide players with an exciting and immersive experience. , in which you must defeat certain enemies or complete a series of objectives within a limited amount of time.

Game developers regularly update events and missions to introduce new challenges and rewards to players. Check back regularly for new events and missions to get the latest content and progress in the game. Earn valuable rewards that will help you

Events and New Missions

Interface and Easy Controls

Boxing Star offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows players to easily navigate and control their character within the ring. Game controls are simple and easy to understand, making them accessible to players of all skill levels.

By default, there is a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen that you can use to move your character around the ring and dodge, and dodge enemy attacks. On the right side of the screen are buttons for hitting, punching, and moving back and forth.

These buttons can be used to unleash different types of attacks and combos to take down enemies. Additionally, the game’s interface is customizable, allowing you to adjust the size and position of on-screen controls. You can even change the layout of the controls based on your preferences and playstyle.

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Interface and Easy Controls

Boxing Star MOD Features


Dodge is an essential skill for boxing stars, allowing them to dodge punches and punches from their opponents and minimize damage taken in the ring. To be successful in the game, you need to show clever moves and use your evasive skills to outmaneuver your opponents.

By dodging your opponent’s attack, you can create a gap for counterattacks and unleash a devastating blow. This skill requires good timing, reflexes, and the ability to recognize your opponent’s movements, making it a difficult but rewarding skill to master.

The mod version of the game has improved dodge skills, making them even more effective and easier to use. This gives you a huge advantage in the ring and allows you to trip your opponent without getting seriously injured.

Dodging-Boxing Star MOD APK

One Hit Down

Boxing Star New Updated Version has an additional punch skill unlocked already called one-hit down punch. Exclusive of other skills, this one stands alone on the list of deadly attacks. It makes your journey easy, and no one will be a hurdle in your way to success.

Boxing Star MOD APK-One Hit Down

Unlimited Money

Today, no game is free to buy the items, costumes, resources, and other accessories you wish. But Boxing Star MOD APK An1 has given you an opportunity to play with access to all buying by giving you unlimited money. Just click the + icon in the menu, and your account will be filled with money for buying.

Boxing Star MOD APK-Unlimited Money

Free Shopping

Shopping has no boundaries in Boxing Star MOD APK offline. You can buy your favorite items like gloves, sneakers, helmets, and boxers and upgrade them to a higher level to increase your fighting strength.

With just one click, you can unlock new levels without any previous completions, open leagues, and clubs.

Boxing Star MOD APK-Free Shopping

Unlimited Gold/Gems

Gold/gems are vital to upgrade your tactical skills and gloves. Uppercuts can be enhanced and improved using gold. Furthermore, the hooks technique also requires continuous maintenance.

All these improvements can be made only when you have unlimited gold and gems provided by the mod version.

Boxing Star MOD APK-Unlimited Gold/Gems

Revive 100% Health

Any action game is based on the health of the role-playing character. Once you are not worried about your health, you keep climbing the stairs to success.

Boxing Star MOD APK Moddroid version has unlimited health with zero damage and a non-effective health scale.

Revive 100% Health

No Ban By The Server

Some apps are supposed to be banned by the servers of Google and related apps and companies. But you don’t need to be worried about the problem as we have solved the problem using non-ban technology.

It connects to your device automatically and protects it from being searched by the servers.

No Ban By The Server-Boxing Star MOD APK

Players Reviews
“ The game is really amazing and addictive. I’ve played many boxing games, but this version has facilitated my gameplay in many ways. Thank you for introducing such an excellent version.” “I’ve been playing boxing star mod since last year and found It is more entertaining than any other PvP or online game. It needs some improvement, but overall I’ll give it 5/5 stars.”

How To Download It On Android?

Downloading and installing the game is not a big deal. Just change the phone’s security to allow unknown apps from other websites to be installed.

  • Click the Download button shown below.
  • Open the APK files in your browser and follow the instructions.
  • Wait for the installation process.
  • An icon will appear on your lock screen; click the icon to launch the game
  • You’re done!


How To Download It On PC?

Repeat the above-mentioned process, except that you’ll have to install an additional app for gaming on your PC.

Is it safe to download and install Boxing Star MOD APK?

It depends on where you download the modified version. There are various websites that offer modded versions of the game, some of which may be unsafe. To be safe, we recommend downloading the Boxing Star MOD APK from reputable sites.

Is it possible to play Boxing Star MOD APK offline?

Yes, you can play Boxing Star MOD APK offline, as it is an action game that does not require an internet connection. However, some features, such as league mode and events, may require an internet connection.

Can I use my existing progress and accounts with the modified version of Boxing Star?

No, the modified version of Boxing Star will not allow you to use your existing progress and accounts. The modified version is a different version of the game, and the files are different, so you have to start a new game.

Can I be banned from using the Boxing Star MOD APK?

Yes, using a modified version of Boxing Star risks getting banned, as it violates the game’s terms of service. Game developers reserve the right to ban players who use modified versions, so we recommend using the game’s original version to avoid any risk.


Looking for a game that will help you improve your gaming skills and take your expertise to the next level? Look no further than Boxing Star MOD APK! The game will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will love this exciting boxing game.

So why wait? Download the game today and climb to the top of the leaderboards with his downloadable APK file to get you up and running in no time. Waste no more time looking for the perfect game – Boxing Star MOD APK contains everything you need to become a true boxing star!

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