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Criminal Case MOD APK Additional Information

APP NameCriminal Case MOD APK
PublisherPretty Simple
Genre Adventure
Size 62MB
Latest Version 1.67.0
Requires Android4.4 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Hints & Free Shopping
Updated8 Hours Ago
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Understanding The Game

A criminal case is a type of puzzle or Mystery Game where you act as a detective to resolve murder cases. A series of crime cases await your skills of investigation. You have to visit the crime scene to gather Unlimited Clues and evidence or interrogate the suspects or eyewitnesses to get to the point.

Energy is used while you search the crime scenes, and you get scores according to the time under which you have completed investigations. You may get the game’s file, called Criminal Case MOD APK, from our website.

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Understanding The Game-Criminal Case MOD APK


Gameplay is simple once you get used to it. You are given a case of murder. You have to reach the killer to save the world from his/her crimes and put the killer behind the bars. There are two ways to collect relevant evidence.

Either you go to the crime scene to Collect Unlimited Items or put the witnesses and suspects under interrogation. You’ll lose energy every time you select to go to question suspects or hunt for the Unlimited Hints at the crime scene. There is a time limit, and scores are given accordingly.

How To Investigate The Suspect?

There are 4 stages of investigation while you have suspects to question.

Introductory Stage

To make the witness or suspect comfortable, you’ll talk to him/her in a casual and friendly way. You have to deal with them politely. Like, such as asking about name, profession, family status, education, lifestyle so on.

How To Investigate The Suspect-Criminal Case MOD APK

Verification Stage

Furthermore, at this stage, you will verify the incident and make him/her explain every single detail about the misfortune. Ask questions related directly to the incident. For example, the incident’s time, place, date, and mode.

Verification Stage-Criminal Case MOD APK

Pressurizing Stage

After you’re done with the verification, you have to be a bit harsh. In order to make the suspect reveal the hidden details, you need to pressure and threaten him/her. Use different mind tactics that influence his emotions. Offer him relief or warn him about the consequences.

Pressurising Stage-Criminal Case MOD APK

Confession Stage

Finally, the suspect has to confess his crime. You have to play with his mind. Ask confusing questions and point out his involvement in the crime. Deal with so that he may confess his blunders.

Confession Stage-Criminal Case MOD APK

Bug Fixes

Several of the most significant and small flaws are presently being fixed throughout Criminal Case Mod Apk.

Features of Criminal Case MOD APK Version

This Modified Mode has a lot of Free Resources Unlocked.

Unlimited Energy

Energy is the primary requirement needed to proceed with your case and close the murder file in time. In the original version, you have 6X energy, and you have to wait for it to restore.

But Criminal Case MOD APK Instant Analysis gives you Free Unlimited Energy. You don’t need to wait hours for your energy level to refuel.

Criminal Case MOD APK-Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Clues/Hints

If you’re not able to find the concerned items, you’re given some limited hints by the original version. But wait! Why you should be limited in availing the hints when you can get Free Unlimited Clues/Hints by downloading the mod version.

Criminal Case MOD APK-Unlimited Clues/Hints

Higher Score

Scores and stars can be earned by resolving cases in a short time. The ranking increases with greater star ratings. You can get Unlimited Stars as there is an option of ‘freeze time.’ Using this feature, you can stop the watch and take as much time as you want. It will increase your world ranking.

Higher Score-Criminal Case MOD APK

Free Coins To Unlimited Shopping

One of the most stunning features of Criminal Case MOD APK is getting Free Unlimited Coins every day. These coins are useful while shopping for items, skills, energy, and other accessories. It will boost your interrogation ability.

Free Coins To Unlimited Shopping

Unlimited Everything

Furthermore, in the Hacked Version of Criminal Case, you will enjoy Unlimited Everything like Unlimited Money, which you can use in Unlimited Shopping.

Moreover, You will Unlock Everything and Missions. Also, you will get Unlimited Cheat Codes for Criminal Case for free.

Unlimited Everything

No Advertisement

The app has blocked all the promotions and is entirely Ad-Free. You only need to access settings and turn off in-app advertisements.

No Advertisement-Criminal Case MOD APK

Is The File Safe of Criminal Case MOD APK?

The Criminal Case MOD APK download is completely secure and works 100% with both Android and iOS devices. You may connect to your email or Facebook or choose the ‘play as guest’ option. Your private data remains safe, and no privacy is disturbed.

Is The File Safe of Criminal Case MOD APK?

Easy Download And Install

  • Download Criminal Case MOD APK file by clicking the button ‘Download APK’ shown below.
  • Wait for the completion.
  • If your device security is off for the applications from browser sources, change the settings first.
  • Go to >settings> security and privacy > downloads from browser > able
    Install the APK file.
  • Launch and wait for loading.
  • Connect with social accounts or Gmail (optional).
  • Play and Be a detective.

Download Criminal Case MOD APK


Is it an online game?

Yes, the game requires an internet connection. But you may access some features even when you’re offline. You compete with other players with regard to progress. Even you can send coins and stars to your fellows.

Is Criminal Case Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes! There are no viruses like worms, spyware, malware, or Trojan horses in Criminal Case Mod Apk, making it 100% safe and free from other security concerns and issues. This game may be easily transferred and installed without any issues.

Is the weight of this game lightweight?

No! The game Criminal Case Mod Apk is not a light game. In order to play this game without any issues, your device should have about 125 MBs available.

Can I get this game’s modified version from the Google Play Store?

No! Due to Google Play Store’s lack of mod games and applications, you might not be able to get this modified version of Criminal Case Mod Apk from there. This game can only be downloaded directly from the internet in the form of an Apk without any problems.

Bottom Lines

Criminal Case MOD APK Latest Version 2022, is a perfect combination of enhancing your detective and interrogation abilities. So download the game and be a virtual snooper.

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