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Game NameDraw Happy Boss MOD APK
PublisherNew Story Inc.

Genre Puzzle
Size 75M
Latest Version 0.0.4
Requires Android9 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money & Hack
Updated4 Hours Ago

Overview – Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

This Latest Draw Happy Boss MOD APK 0.0.4 Version, is an intuitive puzzle game that will kill your boredom, and you will be the reason for others’ smiling faces. In this discover that why they are in trouble, a show can you make them out from that problem.

Then you will find the solution, and by doing so, they will get happiness. For such a purpose, they just need your brain. Through your activity, they will regain the smiles on their faces back, and you will be passed to the next level. May you also like Draw The Road MOD APK.

Overview - Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

Download Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

Background Story of Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

There are many people who love to play puzzle games like Birds Color Sort Puzzle MOD APK, but in the end, you get no reward, so satisfaction as well as no charm to complete the level. Moreover, there’s something quite interesting in this game. When you complete the level, you will see your boss happy, which ultimately makes you too feel happy.

You can see a part of the character’s life in it. Once you have resolved the problem of their then their faces will regain their glow and will rejoice as if they had received the money.

Background Story of Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

 Gameplay Guideline of Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

To become a Draw Master, relax and solve the puzzles. Calm down and find the missing issues. Rest assured that there’s no risk of failure in it. Use your brain to know how it can be resolved because they are in wait for you to bring them out of that trouble. They are dependent on you for such a purpose. Don’t lose your temper.

Look for hints and clues. You will likely have fun when you find the story behind the scenes. After this, when you are done with this, and the puzzle is solved, you will see the glow to regain happiness on their faces and will love to do the next challenge.

Main Features – Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

Tap and Scribble

Furthermore, to draw, you just need to tap on the screen directly, and you wills we how smoothly it works. There is no rocket science for drawing a happy boss not for plugging any other thing.

Colorful Drawing

The thing that makes it very interesting is its vibrant colors. There are a lot of charming colors that will probably gain your attention. It is in our nature that colors attract us.

Main Features - Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

No Time Limit

The puzzle can be completed at any moment. The time limit somehow makes you upset, and you get anxious. So no worries in this game regarding the time limit. You can solve the puzzle in Unlimited Time.

Hint and Clues

Moreover, there are Hints and Clues available in the game. So you may get help from it if you’re stuck in any of the problems. People also searching for Draw Bridge Puzzle MOD APK.

New Levels Added

Or your fun, we have added new levels that have more interesting levels to play. It will have more other vibrant and charming colors that will never make you get rid of it.

Draw Happy Boss MOD APK-Unlimited Money

Draw Happy Boss MOD APK Feature Functions

  1. Features include the ability to draw by physically touching the screen (tap and scribble)
  2. Simple UI & UX
  3. Your entire family will enjoy the colorful drawings.
  4. There are always hints and cues accessible at each step (the hint is hidden at the bottom of the screen when you reach a certain stage)
  5. The short and basic game concept may be played by players of any age
  6. There is no deadline, thus there is no urgency.
  7. Be patient and unwind.
  8. Simple to solve the puzzle
  9. Judgment is simplified for ease of use
  10. Free friendly tips for anyone!
  11. Why are you holding out? Draw right away and save them!

How To Be a Draw Master?

1. Unwind and work on puzzles

  • Calm down and look for missing issues.
  • Please just doodle on the screen; do not remove anything.

2. Spend a lot of time in couples’ lives.

  • The enjoyment factor is amplified by the over 200 puzzles and several occurrences of missing components!
  • Don’t be a dunce! Search for hints and cues.


3. You don’t have to be or draw perfectly.

  • Enjoy yourself like you would on a blackboard.
  • You don’t need to be miserable. You might find it humorous when you find out the full story!
  • Draw Happy Boss will also be one of your top picks if you enjoy Ibis Paint, Sketchpad, Brainpop, and Happy Glass. Let’s get Draw Happy Boss downloaded right away and start drawing to solve problems! Your family and you will grin after doing some drawing!
  • This game is so simple that your kids will love playing it! Playing is for everyone, so gather your loved ones and friends and have fun!

There are several Draw Happy series available.

Themes like dentists, Instagram users, students, and criminals are among the numerous others. After completing this game, please try some other series! Playing will lead to fresh discoveries and enjoyable experiences.

MOD Features of Draw Happy Boss APK

Free Premium

The game has many features, and there are many Unknown Premium Features you will get Free in this Draw Happy Boss Hacked Version.

Unlimited Money

Furthermore, you will get Unlimited Money which you can use for free in this Draw Happy Boss MOD APK Happymod.

Unlocked All

Moreover, when you install the Premium Version of Draw Happy Boss MOD APK, you will get Unlocked All Items and Unlocked All Missions for free.

MOD Features of Draw Happy Boss APK

Unlimited Coins

There are Unlimited Coins for you from which you can buy many things that you think are necessary for you. No limited coins. Everything will be Unlimited just for your ease.

Unlimited Purchase

Furthermore, you can enjoy Unlimited Shopping and Unlock Everything for free in this Draw Happy Boss MOD APK An1.

Unlimited Hacking

This Draw Happy Boss modified version offers Unlimited Hacking, including Unlimited Cheat Codes and a large number of Unknown Items.

100% Working

The game is Working 100% on all Devices, and also, this Version of Draw Happy Boss is 100% Safe for all Devices in which you Need No Root of your Device.

No Ads

Moreover, you will not disturb by any promotion ads because this version is Ads-Free.

Draw Happy Boss MOD APK-100% Working

How To Install Draw Happy Boss MOD APK?

  • First of all, you need to search out the title Draw Happy Boss MOD APK in your search bar.
  • Then go into your phone’s settings and enable downloads from unknown sources.
  • After this, you will verify that I’m not a robot.
  • For such purposes, you will select the photos that are asked by the system.
  • Then your download process will be started.
  • Once it is completed, you can enjoy the game on your device.
  • It will require a proper internet connection.

FAQs – Draw Happy Boss MOD APK

Is this game safe to use?

Yeah, this game is fully secured to use on your device. Our experts have checked it, and it’s Malware and virus free. It will cause no problems with your device.

Can we download this game on any device?

Yes, this game is available for free download on Android, iOS, and Mac. It will require a proper internet connection to run.

Is there any need to purchase the app?

No, this is a totally free game to have fun. You have no need to purchase the game not to invest large about of money on this to work or to have fun.


This game Draw Happy Boss MOD APK Latest 2022, has been introduced to you guys. To kill your boredom and to make you active in solving puzzles like this. So, what do you have to lose? Install the game and save your files!

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