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Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK Additional Information

APP NameDrive For Speed Simulator MOD APK
Genre Simulation
Size 127MBs
Latest Version 1.25.5
Requires Android4.4 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated July 17, 2022
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Let’s Understand The Game

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK New Updated is a racing game or driving simulator where you experience and test your riding skills. You drive and may choose to race in a busy city full of traffic and hurdles. And the one with a good grip over steering and brakes may get to the goal.

You must be a passionate driver before you choose racing. If you have a craze for supercars, Drive for Speed is the foremost platform for you. Among 20 supercars, choose the premier one that suits your personality and touches your command.

These cars possess a rocket engine with extraordinary speed. Hope you will also Enjoy Dealer’s Life 2 MOD APK, which is a simulation game with Unlocked All.

Understand The Game-Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK

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Strenuous and tough driving tracks gonna take your trial at every single spot. Be in your lane to avoid any accidents. Don’t be a hunt to heavy traffic and spoil your position.

Time is a factor that can’t be ignored while you have to reach your target. Unleash your driving capabilities in order to reach the destination in due time. You’ll get plenty of rewards for completing such tasks.

A variety of brand new cars are available for entry to the roads. 20 different kinds of formula cars possessing varying capacities can be found. Customize your car according to your fashion and style by modifying it in different ways.


The interface of the game is moderate and up to the mark. Right, and left corners are available for controls that can be flipped. You either choose steering or ‘arrows’ for turns according to your comfort. Right and left arrows help in turning your vehicle accordingly, and steering gives you a realistic approach to driving.

The accelerator and brakes are always at the opposite corner of the steering side. The Clutch is missing as cars are automatic. People are also searching for Guitar Flash MOD APK.

The Speedometer can be seen in the middle of the down corner of the screen with rpm and speed in km per hour. You may find a map showing your current position and destination. It helps you navigate through the city.

The pause icon can be found in the upper right corner of the screen. To change the perspective of gameplay, a reel icon can be used present near the pause button.

Guide To Playing The Game

The game is easy and simple to play, and there is no rocket science. Just select your favorite car, customize it, select a playing mode and be on track with a click.

Controls are as usual as a live vehicle. Use arrows or steering to turn, brakes to slow down, and accelerator to speed up. You may upgrade and customize the car in the menu and shop.

Guide To Playing The Game

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Why Choose Drive For Speed MOD APK?

A lot to consider to make you convince to choose the mod version, but here are some of the best features you will access.

Unlimited Money and Gold

You will need money and Gold for Unlimited Shopping and Customizing your car. The Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK Moddroid provides you Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gold.

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Unlimited Money and Gold

Unlocked All Types of Cars

The Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK Online has Attractive and Fantastic Cars for Racing. Therefore, you will get an Unlocked All Types Cars. Choose your favorite Car and Truck and Enjoy Racing.

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Unlocked All Types of Cars

Unlocked Different Modes

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK Old Version allows you to Unlocked All Modes. You will enjoy all modes for free. People also like Euro Cargo Truck Simulator MOD APK.

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Unlocked Different Modes

Free of Cost Cars Customization

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK Happymod has a collection of Cars and Trucks which you can Customize according to your style.

Free of Cost Cars Customization

Selecting Your Dream Car

Among 20 different supercars, you are free to choose your favorite one without wasting your credit. Choose different brands that match your dream.

Selecting Your Dream Car

Custom Car

Customization is free for you as you’ll get unlimited money to shop for your vehicle. Install heavy sound-producing spoilers with double or triple cylinders. Decorate your tires with shining and designer rims. Choose the best competent to road tyres with long-lasting durability.

Pant your car with evergreen colors that catch the attention of the opponents in view. Buy front and rear lights with catching designs and appealing matching. Moreover, upgrade your engines to the next level to dominate the roads.

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Custom Car

Different Modes

Different modes are introduced to make the game interesting.

Free Ride Mode takes you to the sceneries of the sandbox city to make you explore it. You are free to ride without any task and time limit. This mode is great for learning how to drive.

The Truck mode has heavy vehicles like trucks, trollies, and buses where you have to be more focused and careful while moving around the city.

PvP Mode is more challenging and daring as you are supposed to contest with racers from other regions. Compete with them and prove yourself to be the only mover and shaker.

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Different Modes

Dramatic Missions

Thrilling missions with different tasks and rewards are available. Basically, the game has 4 categories of missions where you participate and win worthy rewards, chests, and bonuses. You’ve to follow strict rules and deadlines to complete the given tasks.

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Dramatic Missions

Can You Find Drive For Speed MOD APK In The Play Store?

No, the MOD APK version of the game can’t be found in the play store or app store as it doesn’t go through ‘the terms and conditions of the play store server. It has premium features that can’t be found in the native version. That’s the only reason why play-store never promotes modified apps.

Can You Find Drive For Speed MOD APK In The Play Store?

How To Install In a Simple Way

Getting the app installed on your android or IOS is white simple. Just follow the steps and instructions below:

  • Before you go download the app, make some changes in your security settings and allow downloads from unknown sources, i.e., browsers.
  • Click the “Download” icon popping on your screen while you are still on our page.
  • Once the download completes 100%, open your browser and go to history if you can’t find the APK file in your documents.
  • Click ‘install’ and wait.
  • Don’t shut your screen while installing.
  • The icon should appear in the home or dashboard of your device.
  • Launch the app, and you’re in the game.

How To Install In a Simple Way-Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK

Keep The App Virus-Free

Programming viruses make their way to digital devices from many sources. So the best practice to avoid such viruses and keep your device damage free is running your most used apps on an antivirus daily.

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Keep The App Virus-Free

Players Reviews
Jolly “ The game is really a time killer while you’re having a boring day! Very straightforward and simple to play, yet somewhat difficult. I recommend you try it once at least.

’’ Tomas “Is one of the best racing game experiences. I’ll suggest developers introduce more missions. The overall game is perfect.”

Drive For Speed Simulator MOD APK-Unlimited Money

In short

Tie your seat belts and grab your steering to experience the speed of supercars. For any queries regarding the app, comment below or suggest us a change in the game.

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