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Evertale MOD APK Additional Information

APP NameEvertale MOD APK
PublisherZigZaGame Inc.
Genre Strategy
Size 77 MBs
Latest Version 2.0.67
Requires Android5.1 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Silvers/Unlocked All
Updated2 Hours Ago
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What is Evertale MOD APK?

Evertale MOD APK 2022 is a modern-style fairy tale story-based epic simulation game in which players use a monster to grow up to a maximum level and use it to complete different missions and projects. The player will likely feel like he is in the world of fairies and monsters.

What is Evertale MOD APK?

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Multiple kinds of monster creatures make this MOD APK game an amazingly playable game for players. They get attracted to its amazing colorful fantasy world where layers get lost and emerge after a long time. ZigZaG James Inc develops this amazing MOD APK game to take players into the second world of fairies. People also searching for Army Commander MOD APK.

The game’s ability to improve players’ cognitive abilities, mental wellness, and strategic planning is its most intriguing aspect. This is the bat MOF APK game to be played for worldwide players.

Background Story of Evertale MOD APK

The background story of Evertale MOD is a fantastic story that belongs to the fantasy world of fairies and monsters where you ever dreamed of going and living your life in this world, making fun with fairies, and riding and growing monsters as pets.

There is a story of a girl that dreams every time about such a world where she can spend her time with these creatures, but all this stuff just remains in her mind, not come true in real life.

But when she used to download this MOD APK game, she gets amazed by watching the imaginative creation of the world of Fairies was like same as she used to think. This makes her a fan of this game, and she gets addicted to playing this MOD game in her free time.

Attractive Gameplay of Evertale MOD APK

As this is a strategic, simulation, and story play type game, it needs an intelligent mind player who can take this game to its highs and become a pro player. In this game, the player experiences life in the fantasy world of fairy tales in which he is living with fairies and other creatures of that world. We recommend you Infinity Clan MOD APK.

This game starts when a player who is also a creature of that world in this game has a baby monster, and he is the one who’s responsible for growing it to its maximum age. During this period, the most tear becomes his pet and loves him and obeys him like a master, more than this, the monster is ready to give its life to his master.

Attractive Gameplay of Evertale MOD APK

This task makes the player a wealthier player as he focuses on growth. As the health of his monster, his account balance continuously increases, and he earns gold coins and unlimited gems in a single mission play.

Why Should You Download Evertale MOD APK?

There are many reasons players need to download and play this game once in their life. This game will make their life an amazing experienced life in which they live life in another world that is far from our world’s reality.

Why Should You Download Evertale MOD APK?

There is no pain, grief, death, fights, just life, romance, peace, and long life in this Fantasy world. All these things make this game mandatory to download and play once if you have an android mobile and internet available.

Feature of Evertale MOD APK

Journey To The Fantasy World

The first and exciting feature that makes this game the best is that it takes the player on a journey to the fantasy world where they travel around and make fun.

Grow Your Monster

The second and most fabulous feature of this game is that in this game player has his pet monster baby; he has to grow this monster to its maximum age and earn gold.

Evertale Mod Apk Grow Your Monster

Strategic Gameplay

This is a strategy-based game; in this game, players make different strategies at different levels. These strategies make them professionals in their life and also in this game.

MOD Features In Evertale APK

Unlimited Latest Updated MOD Version

The amplest feature of this Evertale MOD APK is that it gives you free unlimited updates of this MOD game free of all time. Now you do not need to get worried about the latest updated version.

Download of Evertale MOD APK

On this website, Evertale, the MOD APK version is free for the downloaders on our website.

Unlimited Unlocked Baby Monsters

Players will get free unlimited unlocked baby monsters, allowing them to play this MOD APK game efficiently and effectively.

Unlocked Tale Missions

Another MOD APK feature of this MOD game is that it gives players with free unlimited unlocked tale missions free. Now, you are never thrilled with these missions; after playing the game, you can unlock them before the game.

Evertale Mod Apk Unlocked Tale Missions


You are playing the game, and there is a consecutive disruption of ads, and you get offended by these continuously disturbing ads. Annoyed by ads in this MOD APK will lead to digest from the game. There are no ads that come during your gameplay and irritate you.

Unlimited Silvers

By winning each level, the player can get unlimited free Silvers. Also, this MOD APK provides the player with free unlimited gold already in his account.

Evertale Mod Apk Unlimited Silvers

Unlimited Money

The player can also get free unlimited gems and other precious stones, making gameplay and purchase free.

FAQs about Evertale MOD APK

 Is this a story-based game, or does the action take place in it?

Yes, it is story-based, but activities are also part of this game; player grows monster and does chores in a fantasy world; all this is the action they do.

Is this gameplay safe?

Yes, but for a limited time, like every game, this game is also secure to play for limited time in the daytime. Excessive use makes you distracted from your other life stuff.


Evertale MOD APK 2022 is a game in which you can visit the world in your imagination and dreams. Here you can see all those things which you have never seen in your gaming journey. Its MOD features are also so exciting and amazing that they make you a lusty desirable player of this game such as you will get Unlimited Money and Free Shopping.

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