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Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK Additional Information

APP NameRoyal Revolt 2 MOD APK
Genre Strategy
Size 96 MBs
Latest Version 8.2.0
Requires Android5.0 and up
MOD Features Free spells/money/resources/items/pearls
Updated05 days ago
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What is Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK: Tower Defense?

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK 2023 is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) action or war game. As a king or queen, build a vast empire or kingdom with royal palaces full of treasures and defenses.
Inside the castle, a mighty army awaits to fight for their land. Expand your army to defend your palace or prepare to overwhelm nearby kingdoms.

You can also collect various resources such as spells, friends, pearls, and other items to make your kingdom prosper and strengthen your army. The latest version of Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK is all about using tactics and strategy while challenging your rivals.

What is Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK: Tower Defense?

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The one with a very large army and a powerful king/queen will emerge victorious. It is also important to note that the number of troops is not enough, skills, armor, skills and weapons are more important.

You can put your chivalry and bravery to the test, face off against your enemies and launch attacks on their empires. Conquer their thrones and loot their treasures. But remember that your empire is also on the verge of threat. Your army should prepare for the upcoming attack. A defense must be solid and solid to neutralize any attack.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK- about the game


The gameplay of Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK is engaging and challenging. The game starts with a storyline and arrows that provide guidance towards the game. You begin with a small castle and gradually progress to building a vast empire. The characters in the game are cartoonish, adding a fun element to the gameplay.

To grow and expand your empire, you need to develop your castle. You’ll need to train your troops and forge weapons to withstand threats from your rivals. Upgrading your castle will change its appearance, making it appear more formidable and intimidating to your enemies. Also, your army needs food to survive, so you’ll need to gather food and resources from wheat fields and other sources.

To attack nearby castles, you can tap on them to start attacking. To protect yourself from attackers, you can use defensive shields to protect your resources and treasures from marauders. The Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK also offers different sections organized for different purposes, making the game more challenging and varied.


Speed Up Forging Time

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK An integral part of the gameplay is forging weapons and equipment for your army. To forge weapons such as swords, hammers, arrows, and axes, you need to approach the blacksmith.

However, the forging process can take hours or even days, which can slow down your progress in the game. To complete this challenge, you can use a mod file that saves you precious time and gives you a free speedup to grow your empire in minutes.

These speedups help speed up the forging process, allowing orders to be completed quickly and efficiently. You can forge weapons and gear faster, so you can focus on building your empire, training your troops, and defending against your rivals.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK-speed up

Unlocked All Dragons And Pals

Dragons and their allies play an important role in the Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK gameplay. Dragons are essential in battle, and the stronger the dragon, the stronger your army. One mod file unlocks all levels of dragons without spending a single cent. This means you can access all dragons and upgrade them in armor to higher levels to make your army even more powerful.

Friends, on the other hand, are loyal pets that can be recruited to aid in combat. These pets have their own upgradeable skills and can support your squad. With mod files, you can unlock all your friends without spending any money and have them available from the beginning of the game.

In summary, unlocking all dragons and friends in Royal Revolt 2 mod apk using mod files is a great way to increase the strength of your army and increase your chances of winning battles. With access to all your dragons and companions, you can focus on developing your army and improving your strategy to gain an edge over your rivals.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK- Unlock dragons

Free Pearls And Gems

Gems and Pearls are important resources in Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK and are required to upgrade, unlock, customize and speed up your progress in the game. Gems can be used to purchase upgrades for castles, armies, and weapons, while pearls are needed to forge equipment and improve its abilities. Luckily, with the Royal Revolt 2 mod apk, you get unlimited free gems to extend your limit. And customization.

Moreover, you can get tons of beads for free by downloading the MOD APK file. You can use these pearls to forge better equipment for your army, improve your abilities and make them more powerful. Having access to pearls makes it easier to progress through the game and increases your chances of winning battles against rivals. Use these resources to focus on building your empire, training your troops, and improving your strategy to gain an edge over your opponents.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK- unlock gems

Spells And Runes

Spells and Runes are an integral part of the Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK gameplay. They can provide magical and tactical advantages that can turn the tide of battle to your advantage. Luckily, Royal Revolt 2 APK No Root allows you to access all spells without rooting your device.

One of the most powerful spells in the game is the Earthquake spell, which gives you the upper hand against large numbers of enemy forces. Destroy enemy buildings and fortifications to facilitate the advance of your troops. The arrow tower is also an important element in protecting the castle. Upgrade and customize your Arrow Tower to increase its range, accuracy, and power, making it an effective weapon against your enemies.

You can also remove runes and spells; you don’t need to make room for new ones. This means you can always experiment with new spells and runes to find the combination that works best for your army.

Exceptional Troops

In Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK, the strength and skill of your army will be a key factor in winning battles and expanding your empire. A mod file unlocks all army tiers, giving you access to the most extraordinary armies without spending a cent.

Choose from a variety of troops, including knights with spears, archers with powerful archers, and cavalry with excellent riding skills. Each squad has its own strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different combat scenarios.

You can easily upgrade your weapons to the next level to make your army even more impressive. Weapon upgrades greatly increase a troop’s damage output and overall combat effectiveness.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK gives you access to all army tiers without spending any money. This means you can choose the best armies for your army, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Upgrading your troops’ weapons will make them even more powerful in battle, increasing your chances of winning and expanding your empire.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK- troops

Join Or Be A Leader of An Alliance

In Royal Revolt 2, you can choose to join an existing alliance or create your own. Joining an alliance is beneficial as it allows you to team up with other players to form epic dominance. This makes it easier to conquer other kingdoms, defend your empire, and gather resources. Also, fighting with allies is fruitful and guarantees the future of the kingdom.

If you choose to create your own alliance, players with the same interests and goals will become the leader of the group. As a leader, you can set rules and strategies, manage resources, and coordinate attacks and defenses with your alliance members.

Royal Revolt 2 opens up new possibilities for your empire, so being part of an alliance is essential. Resources and knowledge can be shared with allies, making it easier to build and upgrade castles and armies. Additionally, by working together, you can rule other kingdoms and establish a formidable presence in the game.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK-Alliance

Exciting Events

There are various seasonal events, such as Halloween and Christmas, with special rewards and challenges. These events offer great opportunities for players to demonstrate their skills and strategies and win unique bonuses and prizes. Game developers regularly update their events so that players always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Boosts And Chests

The game offers different types of boosts and chests to help players progress faster and become more powerful. Speed ​​boosts can be used to speed up resource production, weapon forging, or troop training.

Chests contain valuable items such as weapons, gems, pearls, and other resources that can be used to expand the player’s empire. These boosts and chests are earned by completing missions, winning battles, or participating in events. Using them wisely can have a huge impact on a player’s success in the game.

Free Shopping And Money

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK gives you unlimited free money to buy free items, skills, spells, and runes.

How To Download And Install?

  • First, you’ll need to change your mobile settings.
  • Go to settings> security and privacy > disable unknown apps download
  • Download the game from this site by clicking the download icon
  • Wait until the APK completes downloading
  • Open the file or directly install it from the browser
  • Look for the game’s icon going back to the home screen
  • Launch the gaming app and begin playing


Can it be played offline?

Unfortunately, as it is a strategy game that connects the online gaming community, it can’t be played offline. You’ll need to connect to the internet connection to avoid any interruption.

Is it a PC or mobile game?

It’s basically designed for mobile but can also be played on PC. With some additional apps downloaded on your PC, it can be converted to a mobile device.

Why Choose The Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK?

There are multiple reasons behind choosing the Royal Revolt 2 Mod APK Game. Keep reading, and you will end up downloading the APK file.

Is it safe to download and use the Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK?

APK files can contain malware and viruses, so be careful when downloading APK files from unknown sources. However, downloading APK files from trusted sources such as B. the official website of the developer or his website from a trusted third party should be safe to use.

Can I play Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK on my iOS device?

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK is an Android application, so it cannot be installed directly on iOS devices. However, there are ways to run Android apps on iOS, such as B. Using an Android emulator or a third-party app store. It is important to note that using such methods may not be legal or safe, so we recommend downloading apps only from official sources.


In summary, Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK is a real-time strategy game where you can build and defend your kingdom. With mod files, you can enjoy unlimited gems, pearls, and free purchases to make your empire stronger and more powerful.

The game also features exciting events, boosts, and treasure chests that provide valuable rewards. With addictive gameplay and cartoon characters, Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK is perfect for strategy game lovers who want to test their skills and dominate the battlefield.

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